Our story

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting our online store. 

I’m Nicola, the creative focus behind Emi & Lola (with the assistances of my two daughters - Emily and Charlotte). 
It all began with creating beautiful costumes and outfits for my daughters who both love dressing-up, just like I remember dressing-up in old 1950's/1960's dresses of my grandmother's.  I believe this is where my passion for designing and sewing began and I have been doing it ever since.

So in September 2016, the label Emi & Lola was established, proudly New Zealand made. It has changed over the years as I have developed ideas and with the launch of our website. I’m inspired to bring a brand of costumes and accessories that gives children the joys of dressing-up for imaginative and creative play. Designed for little ones at heart.

All of this would not have been possible without my family - my husband and two daughters are so supportive of what I do. So having them with me on this wonderful journey, allows to do what I do and it has opened my eyes to endless possibilities!

“Creativity is intelligence having FUN” - Albert Einstein

Thank you so much.



This photo is of my grandmother Doris (aged 15) and her 4 sisters taken in July 1924, in fancy dress.  It represents so much...it shows having fun, being together, being creative and it doesn’t matter the era or your age...dressing up is for everyone!!!!