Our Story

Hi, I’m Nicola – the creative force behind Emi & Lola ( with the assistances of my two daughters Emily & Charlotte). I have a passion for designing and sewing, the earliest memories are making outfits for my dolls and teddy bears and I’ve just continued throughout the years.

As my girls have grown so has their costumes and outfits, we have so much fun designing and creating these. They are my toughest customers!!

So fast forward and Emi & Lola was established, it has changed over the years as I have developed ideas and with the launch of our website. I’m inspired to bring a brand of costumes and accessories that gives children the joys of dressing-up for imaginative and creative play – designed for little ones at heart!

All of this would not be possible without my family – my husband, and two daughters are so supportive of what I do and are always helping out when we are at markets. So having them with me on the wonderful journey, allows me to do what I do and it has opened my eyes to endless possibilities!

“Creativity is intelligence have FUN” – Albert Einstein

Thanks so much